Why Teams and Athletes enter the world of esports.


So esports and the professional esports scene has been around for a while, and right now it is going through a massive growth phase. There is a whole host of reasons why athletes and professional sports teams are getting into esports. First and foremost – it’s brilliantly fun and entertaining! But if that’s not enough, check out some other factors below….


Firstly, to be clear, having an esports team aligned to a sports team will not increase traffic through the turnstiles, at least not in the short run. But we now know that the turnstile is only one element of the commercial mix at a major sports club. Here’s what esports can do for sports team who really want to get involved;

· esports will provide new opportunities to compete and win in a different vertical.
· It will help you reach new and diverse audiences with different mindsets, brand appeal and motivations· It will help you build new communities on different channels like Twitch & discord.
· It will give you content opportunities across those different channels, content opportunities that will be very interesting to your partners and sponsors!
· It will bring in different partners and sponsors, ones that may not have been on your radar before, like headset and gaming equipment partners.
· Teams have commercial acumen in their ranks, having an esports team is an opportunity to increase the expertise in your commercial team, and can set you apart from your competitors.


What have Epica Global Agency clients Jesse Lingard and Christian Fuchs have in common with Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro and Gareth Bale?

They all own, or are part owners, in esports teams.


Footballers play games. Simples.

They spend a lot of time at home or in hotels, so gaming is a natural part of their life. Often, they are also businessmen and recognise opportunities that will give them revenue and purpose beyond their on-field careers.

There are really compelling long-term, and short-term, benefits for an athlete to developing a personal esports strategy;

· Provides them with new opportunities to be involved in a business once their career ends.
· Gives them purpose during their downtime between games and training.
· Allows them to be “hands-on” in the business as a content creator and generate significant revenue through Twitch and YouTube with relevant, owned content.
· Owning a team will diversify their audience reach and grow their following across all channels.
· Those new communities can be monetised with ad revenue and commercial partnerships.
· They can bring their elite level mindset and professionalism to a new vertical and showcase success across sports and esports.

We appreciate that all athletes are unique and need esports strategies tailored to their own interests and ambitions. It’s not a copy and paste solution, but for an athlete with a passion for gaming it makes sense to think about how they best engage with the world of esports and gaming in such a way that they get the best return possible.

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