Our Creators


PMoney is a grime rapper from London. Aside from music, PMoney has a huge interest in the gaming industry and has a Twitch channel where he streams and plays a variety of games. He has a great personality which comes out through his streams and entertaining videos.


Dan is a variety streamer from Ireland who creates content around different games whilst offering tips and tricks to streamers who want to get better. Although currently Irish Based, Dan is planning to move to Dubai in the near future. 


David Meyler is a former premier league football player who is now a content creator and streamer. He has a huge reach, streaming content mostly around Fifa and call of Duty. Although David is Irish, he is based in the UK and has a majority UK audience.


Ricky is a UK based content creator focusing on creating content around FIFA. He is all about spreading positivity and good energy throughout his streams and has gained a very engaged audience because of this.



Chris is a the host, shoutcaster and content creator based in Ireland. His content is fun, engaging and features a variety of games. He has hosted a number of different esports and gaming events across the UK and Ireland.